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The easiest way to buy and sell silver bullion with Monero

Last update: 2023-03-30 @ 08:03 EDT Silver spot: $23.81 Gold spot: $1968.89

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Reddit post #1: "I tried to buy silver with Monero, but I couldn't find a great solution. I WANT TO FIX THAT."

Reddit post #2: "Update: I want to make it easy for Monero users to buy physical silver bullion."

Reddit post #3: "Update #3: MoneroSilver.com -- we shipped our first order!"

Reddit post #4: "Update #4: MoneroSilver.com - we now sell coins!"

Reddit post #5: "Just in time for the chaos: MoneroSilver.com is ready!"

Reddit post #6: "MoneroSilver.com now has Monero logo rounds!"

Reddit post #7: "MoneroSilver.com now sells GOLD"

Hello Friends,

Most people don't realize this, but the Monero community and the silver community share some important common values:

I feel like Monero and silver work well together, and so I want to make it easier for people to trade them directly (instead of having to go through a fiat or BTC intermediary). This will help Monero to develop a better circular economy and make the trading process more efficient and free (as in freedom).

Just to get started, I am doing the trades on LocalMonero. If there is enough demand, I will create a more professional process, but this is a great starting point ─ LocalMonero uses arbitration bonds (escrow) to guarantee that nobody gets ripped off, and I'm happy to support them because they offer a great service to the Monero community.

Our Silver Products:

10-oz .999 Fine Silver Bar
$297 of XMR
$29.70 per troy oz
Tube of 20 1-oz Buffalo .999 Fine Silver Rounds
$597 of XMR
$29.85 per troy oz
Tube of 25 Canadian Maple Leaf .9999 Fine Silver Coins
$811 of XMR
$32.44 per troy oz
JBR Kilo .999 Fine Silver Bar
$818 of XMR
$25.44 per troy oz

Our Gold Products:

1/10th-oz Gold American Eagle
$271 of XMR
$2710.00 per troy oz
1/10th-oz Gold Krugerrand
$271 of XMR
$2710.00 per troy oz

Our Haven Cryptocurrency Products:

Haven Silver (xAG) Stablecoin
$7 of XMR
$7.00 per troy oz
Haven Gold (xAU) Stablecoin
$591 of XMR
$591.00 per troy oz